Nine yellow houses and a flash of white bordering on the tracks mark their presence at the treshold of Zurichs mains station. Situated at an industrial edge,

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the office building starts the demarcation of an area spanning a whole city block and creating an open field for nine shifted apartment cubes. This is the Röntgenareal, a new urban environment where contemporary modes of work and living take place with about 1000 inhabitant.
Like on a lakes shore all the nine houses are shifted to the open space of the railroads with its excellent qualities: sun, horizon, fresh air. Roof terraces, circulating balconies, storyhigh windows, open courtyards and landscapedesign are taking part. The yellow coat of paint creates an exciting interplay between the houses and the environment as well as orientation and ambience for the inhabitants.
Inside, the floors are split up into quadrants with totally 360 flats, everyone being flexible and lof ow cost.

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